SEO Copywriting Using Links For More Traffic

My main blog (Marketing For Power Packed Business Growth), aside from being a mouthful to say has been gradually increasing in numbers and I now get hundreds of views per month.

Whenever I've decided to write copy that revolves around a specific keyword that post has attracted more readers.

You know that one of Google's major elements for working out search rankings is how important the content of a particular page is for keywords.

And funnily enough a lot of weight is given for links from other sites with the keyword in the link text. 

So for example I've done a post on creating better business cards on my other blog.

Let's say someone searches for "Business Card".

 if I simply put "post at my other blog" when I refer to the business card posting that is the only part Google will see in linking to that blog post on business cards.

If I put "Create A Better Business Card" as the link text to the blog posting that really helps the search rankings because Google has picked up the key phrase (Business Card) and because an external link "recommends" the site the search ranking for the page goes up.

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Get Into Search Engines In Days

Some sites have waited months to get into search engine results.

What did they do wrong?

Usually they simply put the web site up and hoped that people would find it. In just the same way as the makers of the World's best mousetrap believed that all mouse haters would beat a path to their door. And they believed it right to the moment they went bankrupt.

To get your site spidered by the search engines you need a search engine optimization strategy that includes rapid entry into search results.

How Can You Get Into Search Engines Quickly?

You can use one or more of these tactics to achieve pretty quick results:
  1. Create a blog on Post useful content to it while your site is being built. Then as soon as it's online create some new posts linking to the your new site
  2. Write some articles and link back to your web site url in your resource box.
  3. Write press releases about your business and again link back to your web site
  4. Post on forums and ensure your sig contains your web site URL. Make sure the forums are searched by the engines too!
By the way don't put up a holding page that says:

  • This is a holding Page
  • Site still being built
  • Or other equally obvious statements.
It's better to have a reasonable home page that displays some useful information and which can be incorporated into the full web site when it's launched.

5 Insider SEO Tips

Rather than just one tip I'm giving you 5. They all come from another SEO expert, Andy Jenkins whose partnership with Brad Fallon has just created a massive buzz about their SEO coaching program on the site I've blogged about before: Stompernet .

 Right. Let's see about hitting Google to rank you higher in the search engines.

First of all, don't hire a search engine optimization (SEO) company until you understand about Search engine optimization.


That's because there are a huge number of SEO companies out there charging money and learning while they do it at your expense. And in some cases not even  actually improving your rankings.

Because I understand and use SEO myself I've seen awful Search Engine Optimization, both in content and link strategy for quite a number of sites. Even some web designers who should understand the principles who are completely clueless.

Here are 5 points that will help you in choosing and working with an SEO company.

1. From personal experience the 80/20 rule applies to SEO. That is 20% of the work will account for 80% of the results.

So ask for an itemised quote so you can check you're not paying too much for the 80%.

Some SEO experts still tell you they'll spend hours checking and redoing your site's keywords and meta tags. There's no real evidence that such tinkering helps your rankings.

Simpler things, such as making sure all your pages can be indexed by the search engines is more important. Obviously you still want to do the other 80%, but make sure that the priority (and cost) is on the effort that gets the best results.

2. SEO firms say only black hat SEO companies or scammers guarantee rankings. However I guarantee you can be ranked in the top 10 on Google.


It all depends on the amount of money you're willing to spend and the time you're able to wait for the results. After all if an SEO firm believes they can improve your rankings, why not offer you a guarantee?

3. You can see immediate results. Many SEO experts tell you it takes months to get results.

Untrue. It depends on your keywords and what you're doing and you can often see results within a week.

Obviously highly competitive keywords take longer.

If the SEO expert looking to sign you up tells you it'll take three months to get any results they're simply looking for a long term contract.

4. SEO isn't too complicated to explain to the layman. In this case you! SEO experts like to blind people with science and make it sound very complicated.

True there are some complexities. But equally there are quite a few of the important tasks that are straightforward to explain. Get some explanation that way you can compare what experts tell you and check for consistency and true expertise.

5. You've probably heard that links to your site are the most important factor in SEO. That means a lot of focus needs to be on getting links into your web site. Having an SEO firm "optimize" your site is important for the first few months of going live but not as vital as getting good links to your site.

As I said before I've blogged about SEO and one of the great resources I've found is Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins site at Stompernet. Their massive push to get people to join their monthly coaching sessions is over - thank goodness my email flow has slowed down now!

If you go to the link you can't join the coaching anymore it's full but they do still have some useful and free SEO videos that are worth watching.

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SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting what's it all about?

Is it really an enormously big mystery that normal mortals shouldn't venture into?

The short answer to that is "RUBBISH!"

There's no reason at all that the average company can't do there own SEO copywriting. It does take time and research to do so. But other than that it really is straight forward.

What you really pay for with a good SEO copywriter is their ability to research keywords that you might not even think about (and that get good traffic) and incorporate them smoothly into your copy.

Additionally there are a number of tactics, almost completely unrelated to your web site, that improve your web rankings.

So what are those I hear you ask...

Tune into my next post where I'll explain one very powerful tactic and introduce the next one.