SEO By Checking Keywords

I've just posted on my other blog Marketing for Power Packed Business Growth about Duncan Bannatyne and the fact that I've had loads of hits looking for him.

I also noted that SEO marketers find search statistics interesting.

For example...

Google Zeitgeist - Top 10 Searches By Country

With search you can see what information, that is through keywords,  people are checking in your niche. You can then edit your web copy for those keywords.

In the top 10 in most countries Google December 2006 statistics displayed on the Google Zeitgeist pagewere either Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, or Britney Spears.

I've already blogged about the importance of keyword research. This is just another avenue.


SEO World Championships - What's It Mean?

I've entered for the SEO World Championships where all the competitors attempt to get into the top 10 on Google, Yahoo and MSN for a weird phrase.

This year it's "Globalwarming awareness2007".

So everyone feverishly works to get their entries indexed, linked and optimized to ensure that they gradually float to the top of the search pages. Or more preferably shoot to the top!

My own entry is through a blog called globalwarming awareness2007 project.

In it I'll be talking about global warming and raising awareness for 2007, of course.

And we'll see how things go.


The Coolest Guy On The Planet

I blogged about the coolest guy on the planet on Monday on this blog.

Then I copied that post to change it to make another related point today.

But I forgot to change the date, so it overwrote the original post...


So if you were feverishly searching for the original post -- it's gone.

Now normally that's not a problem because I always save a draft.

Erm, that is I usually save a draft. So of course this time I hadn't and there we go no post.

The point?

Remember, editing an old post to create content for a new one is dicey. Better is just to copy the original HTML and then paste it into a brand new (empty) post.

What I said in the original post was along the lines of ...

I decided to use "the coolest guy on the planet" as a way to test out various ways copy and other techniques can boost or detract from, a sites Google rank.

After my original flurry of activity and posts I'd ended up at 26th position on search. Then I'd let it lie and added not further information or links or anything else. I dropped into the 40's.

I then pointed out that I should add another post about the coolest guy on the planet and/or some links and then come back and see the result.

I did do that and the result for the coolest guy on the planet is now posted on the Monday 15th January post.


Technorati tags:

The Coolest Guy On The Planet Returns

My last post was about "The Coolest Guy On The Planet" and I said you needed some fresh content relating to it to drive it back up the lists.

Well having blogged about it, guess what?

Yes, you're absolutely correct my listing moved up several places.  I'm currently at position 27.

Only, the post is...

Not the one from this blog - The SEO Copywriter King.

It's actually the Marketing For Power Packed Business Growth post that simply commented that I'd made the SEO Copywriter King post on the Coolest Guy On The Planet.

Crazy, eh?

The reason is this blog is not yet as well established as the other one.

As long as I continue to post useful, and hopefully helpful,  comments to this one it should naturally rise through the rankings.