Christmas Gifts for SEO

I've been looking around the Internet and as usual at this time of the year there are piles of gifts.

The very slight downside is that you usually have to give your email address.

And I realised I've been remiss in getting presents for my loyal blog readers.

So here is a page of SEO tools to help you do your own Search Engine Optimization.



Dein Google Adsense Einkommen multiplizieren

Dienstag, den 12. Dezember 2006

This is an example of the German translation of my latest post: Multiply Your Google Adsense Income. Pretty good eh?

Wurdest du magst die Zahl Lesern auf deine Web site oder blog massiv erhöhen?

Und alle, ohne den Inhalt zu wiederholen?

Plus erhältst du viel mehr Adwords Exposé.

Erstaunlich kannst du den genau tun, indem Sie übersetzung Software verwenden, um die Seiten herzustellen, die von Englisch in die folgenden Sprachen übersetzt werden:

  • Französisch
  • Deutsch
  • Spanisch
  • Italienisch
  • Portugiesisch
  • Chinesisch
  • Japanisch
  • Koreanisch
  • Arabisch

Das Verwenden des CommonSense übersetzerindexes auf einer 20 Seite Web site gibt dir 200 Seiten Inhalt, der deine Google Adsense Reichweite über der Welt erhöht.

Mein Marketing für Energie verpacktes Geschäft Wachstum blog hat bereits Leser über von der Welt. Das Setzen es in alle diese unterschiedlichen Sprachen würde es ist Sicht kein Ende aufladen. Das würde ihm mehr als 3.500 Seiten geben.

Das einzige Problem…

Der CommonSense übersetzer ist ein PHP gegründeter Index, also kann ich nicht ihn mit Blogger benutzen.

Aber, wenn du eine Web site oder ein blog hast, läufst du auf dein eigenes Gebiet, das du den Index einführen kannst und wenn der nicht dein Google Adsense Einkommen auflädt ich nicht mich vorstellen kann, was könnte.

Multiply Your Google Adsense Income

Would you like to massively increase the number of readers to your web site or blog?

And all without repeating the content?

Plus you get a lot more Adwords expose.

Amazingly you can do exactly that by using translation software to create pages translated from English into the following languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean 
  • Arabic

Using the CommonSense Translator script on a 20 page web site gives you 200 pages of content that increases your Google Adsense reach across the world.

My Marketing for Power Packed Business Growth blog already has readers from across the world. Putting it into all these different languages would boost it's visibility no end. That would give it more than 3,500 pages.

The only problem...

The CommonSense Translator is a PHP based script so I can't use it with Blogger.

But if you've a web site or blog you run on your own domain you can implement the script and if that doesn't boost your Google Adsense income I can't imagine what could. 

Blogging Code Of Conduct Pointless

Jason Lee Miller writing for reports on a suggestion that bloggers should follow a code of conduct.

He raises some good points from interviewees and I'd like to put my 10 pence worth.

Firstly, as Jason says, there is already a blogging code of conduct.

All serious bloggers follow it. If we deviate from the truth we soon get found out and the whistle is blown.  Unlike other media blogs are policed by their readers.

Secondly, again as Jason writes, the blogging community is not just made up of people in the UK or Europe. It's worldwide.

How on earth are you going to get everyone to agree to a common code of conduct that layers of bureaucracy will create and attempt to police at vast cost.

At this point the European Union springs to mind as a good example to avoid.

Thirdly there are millions of blogs out there. Probably too many for any one person to see in their life time. How would they realistically know that a blog wasn't following the code of conduct. Wait let me guess...

Ask the readers to blow the whistle!

Just like they do now.

My advice to the dabblers in Internet stuff  they don't appear to understand - leave it alone unless it breaks!


Christmas Gift For Search Engine Optimization - ** UPDATE **

It suddenly occurred to me that Word Tracker has a nice free Keyword Research ebook which I found very interesting and dare I say it ...

Yes I dare!

"Useful too."

It's at Word Tracker Keyword Research

Click and see for yourself - they use Vegetarian Dog Food as the example company...

Christmas Gift For Search Engine Optimization

Christmas Snowman display at Stay & Play

"SEO Christmas gift?", I hear you wonder, "what on earth does that mean?"

The Christmas tradition on my marketing blog is for me to offer clients and ex-clients the opportunity to ask me a question about absolutely anything (business related of course!).

And I either reply from my own knowledge or find out from other experts for them.

For this blog the SEO Christmas gift is going to be slightly different. I'm going to to give you some resources that you'll find helpful. In fact over December I'll make 12 days of Christmas worth of posts with resources in.


On The First Day Of Christmas
My True Love Gave To Me

One Bunch of Keyword
Research Tools

  1. Yahoo Keyword selector Tool (FREE)
  2. Word Tracker (FREE Trial)
  3. Good Keywords (FREE software)

Of these Word Tracker is the best and Good Keywords is excellent.

My recommendation is to sign up for the FREE Word Tracker trial and see exactly what you get with Word Tracker - a lot of useful stuff! Then once the free trial is over use Good Keywords until you can afford Word Tracker.

And as a bonus SEO tip if you're using blogging as part of your overall marketing strategy make sure you claim your blog at Technorati.

PS So you get all these resources why not sign up to get an email notification of each new post?

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