Blogging Code Of Conduct Pointless

Jason Lee Miller writing for reports on a suggestion that bloggers should follow a code of conduct.

He raises some good points from interviewees and I'd like to put my 10 pence worth.

Firstly, as Jason says, there is already a blogging code of conduct.

All serious bloggers follow it. If we deviate from the truth we soon get found out and the whistle is blown.  Unlike other media blogs are policed by their readers.

Secondly, again as Jason writes, the blogging community is not just made up of people in the UK or Europe. It's worldwide.

How on earth are you going to get everyone to agree to a common code of conduct that layers of bureaucracy will create and attempt to police at vast cost.

At this point the European Union springs to mind as a good example to avoid.

Thirdly there are millions of blogs out there. Probably too many for any one person to see in their life time. How would they realistically know that a blog wasn't following the code of conduct. Wait let me guess...

Ask the readers to blow the whistle!

Just like they do now.

My advice to the dabblers in Internet stuff  they don't appear to understand - leave it alone unless it breaks!


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