Free SEO Diagnostics Tool

A Free SEO Diagnostics Tool, what more could you want?

Edward Areberg at AudetteMedia created it to go through your site log files and drag useful information out.

There are other SEO tools out there that can do this. However, this one is free, has been written by someone in the SEO community and appears to be quite comprehensive.

See what you think. Is it helpful?

Google Improves Search Engine Optimization Key Word Tool

Over the last 2-3 days Google has changed it's keyword tool so that rather than just showing a shaded bar to indicate volumes for a key phrase it now shows actual search volumes.

As you'd expect the Internet Marketers all over have started to froth at the mouth with delight at this new marvel. We've had volumes from other tools before but there's always been a debate as to how accurate those search volumes were.

Now with Google showing search volumes we can be certain that they're accurate in Google's tool. However, that means the key word tools I described in a previous post need to change, either to present analysis of search volumes (probably based on Google's own results) or to do other things related to key phrases.

The accuracy we get now means that we can begin to track the real search volumes of a lot of different key phrases. So I'm quite sure we'll have tools adapted to extract search volumes from Google and then store them to show how the volumes change over time. A very powerful way of choosing exactly when to use Pay Per Click and when to stop using it.

So go and check out the new, improved Google search tool, find your niche and sell, sell, sell!