Christmas Gift For Search Engine Optimization

Christmas Snowman display at Stay & Play

"SEO Christmas gift?", I hear you wonder, "what on earth does that mean?"

The Christmas tradition on my marketing blog is for me to offer clients and ex-clients the opportunity to ask me a question about absolutely anything (business related of course!).

And I either reply from my own knowledge or find out from other experts for them.

For this blog the SEO Christmas gift is going to be slightly different. I'm going to to give you some resources that you'll find helpful. In fact over December I'll make 12 days of Christmas worth of posts with resources in.


On The First Day Of Christmas
My True Love Gave To Me

One Bunch of Keyword
Research Tools

  1. Yahoo Keyword selector Tool (FREE)
  2. Word Tracker (FREE Trial)
  3. Good Keywords (FREE software)

Of these Word Tracker is the best and Good Keywords is excellent.

My recommendation is to sign up for the FREE Word Tracker trial and see exactly what you get with Word Tracker - a lot of useful stuff! Then once the free trial is over use Good Keywords until you can afford Word Tracker.

And as a bonus SEO tip if you're using blogging as part of your overall marketing strategy make sure you claim your blog at Technorati.

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Wikipedia: , , , , ,
UrbanDictionary: , , , , ,
RottenTomatoes: , , , , ,
MySpace: , , , , ,
Google: , , , , ,
Technorati: , , , , ,
Flickr: , , , , , , , , , ,

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