SEO Copywriting Using Links For More Traffic

My main blog (Marketing For Power Packed Business Growth), aside from being a mouthful to say has been gradually increasing in numbers and I now get hundreds of views per month.

Whenever I've decided to write copy that revolves around a specific keyword that post has attracted more readers.

You know that one of Google's major elements for working out search rankings is how important the content of a particular page is for keywords.

And funnily enough a lot of weight is given for links from other sites with the keyword in the link text. 

So for example I've done a post on creating better business cards on my other blog.

Let's say someone searches for "Business Card".

 if I simply put "post at my other blog" when I refer to the business card posting that is the only part Google will see in linking to that blog post on business cards.

If I put "Create A Better Business Card" as the link text to the blog posting that really helps the search rankings because Google has picked up the key phrase (Business Card) and because an external link "recommends" the site the search ranking for the page goes up.

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