Get Into Search Engines In Days

Some sites have waited months to get into search engine results.

What did they do wrong?

Usually they simply put the web site up and hoped that people would find it. In just the same way as the makers of the World's best mousetrap believed that all mouse haters would beat a path to their door. And they believed it right to the moment they went bankrupt.

To get your site spidered by the search engines you need a search engine optimization strategy that includes rapid entry into search results.

How Can You Get Into Search Engines Quickly?

You can use one or more of these tactics to achieve pretty quick results:
  1. Create a blog on Post useful content to it while your site is being built. Then as soon as it's online create some new posts linking to the your new site
  2. Write some articles and link back to your web site url in your resource box.
  3. Write press releases about your business and again link back to your web site
  4. Post on forums and ensure your sig contains your web site URL. Make sure the forums are searched by the engines too!
By the way don't put up a holding page that says:

  • This is a holding Page
  • Site still being built
  • Or other equally obvious statements.
It's better to have a reasonable home page that displays some useful information and which can be incorporated into the full web site when it's launched.

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