Does Your Web Site Make These 6 SEO Mistakes?

You've seen the search engine optimization tips...

Now here are some common mistakes!

  1. Not using the H1 tags for headings.  The search engines give more weight to words or phrases that are emphasised because they reckon they're more important on that web site. Therefore they're likely to be what the searcher is looking for.
  2. Using images for buttons. Search engines can't read images so the button text can't be used for optimization.
  3. Pages that aren't linked to the home page. Without a link it's unlikely that the search engine spider will find the pages.
  4. Images without alt text labels. If you don't put an alt text label for an image people who use spoken browsers won't know what the image is and also it wont be indexed in the search engines either.
  5. Using the same Title tag for every page. Search engines use the title tag to check whether keywords they're searching for are at all relevant to that page.
  6. Assuming which keywords to optimize your web pages for. You need to know which words get searched on using a keyword checker such as Good Keywords or the Overture keywords checker

Mistake 6 is especially relevant to business owners or those who've been in a particular business sector for a long time.


Because they know everything about their industry, their products and their competitors products.

But they rarely know what keywords people are using during their searches on the Internet.

I once made the mistake of thinking the keywords a business owner was using were those used by his target market.


Well, not completely wrong, but it did mean I had to do a lot more work to include the correct keywords.

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