Are Your Web Pages Making These Mistakes?

Search engine optimization is great for getting traffic to your web site.

What if your page had something on that annoys your visitor?

In a survey carried out in July 2005 Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) asked shoppers the things they found most annoying.

The survey discovered the following items that people found extremely annoying:

  • Those pop-up ads (83.8% of people surveyed)
  • needing to install software to use the site (72%)
  • non-working links (66.2%)
  • Required to register/log on before viewing the site (61.1%)
  • Pages that load slowly (57.3%)
  • out-dated content (56.5%)
  • hard to navigate (55.4%)
  • poor site search tool (52.4%)
  • Little or no contact information (50.2%)
  • back button unavailable (49%)
  • Use of too much flash and animation (41.5%)
  • text that moves (33.5%)
  • audio playing automatically(30.1%)
  • poor appearance (28.3%)

While these "mistakes" or irritations don't do much for Search engine optimization they do stop users from using or bookmarking sites.

And after all being number 1 on Google doesn't count for anything if they don't use your site when they get to it does it?

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