Do You Know Which Of These Is The Best Keyword Research Tool?

Survey2.jpgLee Odden ran a poll to discover the best web-based keyword research tool as voted for by the Search Engine Optimization community.

He had 154 votes for a number of different makes of keyword research tool.

Interestingly the top 5 took 77% of the vote.

And those top 5 included (in alphabetical order):

  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Keyword Discovery
  • SEO Digger
  • WordZe
  • Wordtracker

There were no real surprises but it made an interesting post with its follow-on comments. 

Which one do I think is the best tool? Well I'd have to vote for Wordtracker. Did it win?  Well you need to check the results on Lee's Blog


Anonymous said...

How about using KeywordSpy? - This will give you an opportunity to immediately track down your competitors and gather keywords for the promotional campaign of your online business.

I think is is one of the best keyword research tools because aside from wordtracker, KeywordSpy is keyword research technology where you can also earn and even surpass what your competitors are making with Google Adwords and Overture. KeywordSpy gives you the key to their success: a good ad-campaign with the right keywords.

Jim Symcox said...

Hi SEOmiser,

Lee's readers did vote for KeywordSpy too. However, it only attracted 3% of the vote. So it didn't make the top 5.

Still, as you say it's a good tool and worth checking out.