Top 5 Tips For Blog SEO

I've been talking about how a blog (associated with your own web domain) can really help your web site in the search result rankings.

Certainly my other blog Power Packed Business Growth proves that with a post on top 25 marketing sites. Where I show that originally my Alexa ranking (how popular a site is) was 5,422,486 and now my rank is 863,344.

(Note: Today it is 667,571 - so it's continuing to improve.)

The 5 Top SEO Tips For Blogs

So what are the top tips for making your blog search engine optimisation strategy help your site succeed? They include my favourites:

  1. Post interesting content that your target clients want to read. This seems a no-brainer but believe me you can see some absolute drivel if you want!
  2. Make sure you set up a target for the number of posts per week because Google loves fresh content. It may be 1,2,3 or 7, or more posts per week. Just be sure that it's often enough but not so often people unsubscribe in droves.
  3. Allow time to comment on other related blogs. That way if your comment is interesting, insightful or helpful people are encouraged to look at your blog. In addition you're creating a link back to your own blog.
  4. Allow comments on your blog. That way when people leave comments you get a dialogue . That can encourage other people to read the post too and link back to it. Make sure you moderate comments, otherwise you could get stupid or spam comments.
  5. Write articles that link to your blog. Again if they're interesting people look up your blog and may link to it themselves.

Allow Blog Subscribers

Finally, a sixth bonus tip, make sure your reader can subscribe to your blog with RSS or email. I use Feedburner for RSS and email and I'm extremely happy with the way it works.

Feedburner allows people to read your posts without visiting your blog and if they like what they see they can comment on it in their own blog. Usually blog etiquette means people provide a link back to the original content.

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